Ya know, i just rejoined and i decided to read quite a few blogs and i was somewhat stunned. i mean i have read blogs on this site before so i kinda knew what to expect but damn!

I am usually on A.T. if i am on a support site, and yea, i post alot of depressing blogs, but i always try and either post a positive blog here or there or in my negative blogs i try to write atleast a few encouraging words.

In reality, my life is full of uncertainty right now. I don't know what to do. let's just say i have depression in a VERY serious way! i know what many people go through or worse…

but when i read these blogs , it really concerns me. first off, ok, if you have an issue with your significant other and you just go on a rant on here…what good does that do? i understand the need to vent(lol, trust me on that…just read my blogs on A.T.) but really i mean if you are having such trouble, either talk to your other, or if that's not working, then it's time to figure something out. i've been through some hell before, i am ofcourse so far from an expert that its rediculous…BUT what i do know is that communication and effort are key in a relationship, and when someone just posts nasty things about their BF/GF/Husband/Wife, what good does that do? Talk to them, if they refuse to even try( and i know it can be hard), but do somehting about it.

another thing. i see so many blogs where people threaten to kill themselves. this concerns me b/c if so many people blog about this and noone comments b/c maybe  they have blogged about it before and not followed through. well, for one, there are almost never comments on these "suicide blogs". what happens when the person finally does it or it's someone new and they blog about it and actually do it? i mean one time i saw a blog where someone threatened to kill themselves and i commented and they actually argued with me on why they should kill themselves, then i saw them blogging a few days later. and i'm sure that long time members kind of get a feel for who does this. but when someone talks about killing themselves or makes a threat, you never know when it could happen. so maybe it would be good to just say words of encouragement on those blogs even if the bloggers don't wanna hear it. still it may help.

also, some of these blogs are so vague that it's insane. i mean i know that the bloggers know what they mean, but it's almost like they don't want other people or certain people to know what their talking about or they maybe want them to know but word it in a way that people won't know for sure that they are talking about them….subliminal shit….

also, i know alot of people comment on blogs, but it seems that not many blog comments are on very many blogs. and idk…there could be a good reason for that, like for instance if people wouldnt be so vague in their blogs, maybe they would get support. if infact they want it.

now i most likely wont be on the site a ton and i have a whole log going on right now to say the least, but imma try and make some blog comments.

i hope like hell that people dont read this and decide that i am a judgmental ass, b/c i want to help people so much or at the least just share my experiences and if i can help in any way at all, then that would be great. i am just confused about how blogging works around here, cause on A.T. people usually comment alot more.

At anyrate, i wish everyone on here well, and if you are going through hell like i am atm, please don't give up. somehow, someway, we will pull through this! i have so much shit i am buried neck deep in, that its insane. but if i give up, then all is lost.

Please hang in there and never give up. i am no proffessional but i like to help people and actually seem to help people alot….lol if only i could help myself….but i am trying…

i wish everyone well, take care,



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