The changing of moods is a strange happening!

One minute i'm ok, then next i'm falling again, the next i'm ok again. WTF?!

Didn't get to sleep till late again last night. Mostly due to the warm tempreture. So warm here yesterday and last night. I was so bored and ended up going on omegle and chatting to random strangers. Oh yes.. i'm so cool.

I'm thinking more about getting the new piercing. I think i want to do it. but i don't think my boyfriend will like it. He's very christian and when i told him about the piercings i've had in the past he was all freaked out lol. Might talk to him about it. But if i do, i'm pretty sure of the answer he'll tell me.

Should I NOT do something, just coz my boyfriend says not to? I don't know.

I actually made my first "sickie" call into work today. I just couldn't even bring myself to go in today. I woke up after about 3 hours sleep, and the idea of work killed me. Then I got really pissed of again about not getting the promotion when the girl who got it answered the phone. I feel so dumb! I almost want to just punch her out. But alas.. i wont. I'll sit back like a good girl and keep my fat mouth shut.

It has made my mood today horrible. Maybe it matches the weather. Sunny yesterday, rain today. Thats my life right there. I felt like Self Harm today. I really did. I thought about crashing my car. But no.. i didn't. I want to drink again tonight.. but i don't think there is any alcohol in the house after yesterday. I finished off a bottle of vodka the other night. It was this melon flavoured alcohol. Very nice. The thing about alcohol is that while it makes you feel good,and make you forget things in that moment, the next day you feel like shit.

I trod on my cats tail last night. Made me feel bad


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