So i havent wrote one of these in a while but I am anxious and frustrated and feel I need to hear from anyone who feels the same way I do. I have been struggling with my anxiety disorder for a littlle over 2 years now/ You would think after all that time and knowing that worrying doesnt change anything, that it would get easier to deal with or start to subside. But no, no matter what the situation, anything that could remotely cause stress sends me overboard. I get physically sick and dont feel good for days which feeds on my anxiety because I turn into a hypochonriac. I just dont see why I have this and what the point is. All id does is cause more anxiety and makes like frustrating and hard. Its the first thought that hits me in the morning as soon as I wake up, and I continue to think about my anxiety all through the day til I go to sleep at night and then it just starts all over again the next day. Its like a vicious cyle that I cant stop. I have tried everyhting I know. I have tried meds, exercise, yoga, hollistic remedies, meditation, accupuncture… bought certain pills even on the internet that say they will help the anxiety, and yet nothing works. Im just tired of always feeling anxious and feeling like I am going to have an attack with every lilttle situation. This is not healthy. People get nervous all the time, and dont have attacks. But because I have had them before I always seem to think that anytime I get even a little nervous I am going to have an attack. Its like I work myself up so much to not have an attack, that I do. Please, I am under a lot of stress and have to go get an MRI done today and I am extremely nervous. Any thoughts as to how I can calm my mind now and help change my thinking????

  1. stigletz 12 years ago

    hi Stephanie
    you sound like you have Ocd also obsessive compulsive disorder also which means you worry about anxiety and it gets stronger and more attacks,do you take anti depressants they help,it is a medical condition that can be treated,would u like to be friends if possible in live in TN Vol country about 25 miles from neyland stadium, it is ok i looked at your homepage

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  2. stigletz 12 years ago

    i noticed your age this is coming from someone whom is double your age,we all have things in life we have to learn to deal with,anxiety dont deny having it get medical help and learn how to cope with it

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  3. StephanieG 12 years ago

    thnx for the advice. it helps =) i used to take anti depressants but i dnt anymore. just xanax but i think i want to give my anti depressants another try

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  4. whoami2 6 years ago

    Hi Stephanie.

    When you resist fear you inadvertently allow it to control you.

    When you confront fear you deliberately take control of it, and you ultimately become it’s master.

    Which of the two best relates to you?

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