Greetings, my fellow victors! ( I was going to put fellow strugglers, but we ARE, or Are going to be, victorious, eventually)

my name isn’t really that important, y’all can refer to me as JG.. I’ve been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, n in my 30’s with adult ADD. Been married to an (irritating)saint for 30 years! He was diagnosed with ADHD in childhood. We wrestle thru the typical stuff, like any marriage, but he is loving n as supportive as I can imagine anyone being. We have 5 kids together. They are 30 yo M (#1) 28 yo M (#2), 26 yo afab non-binary (#3), 18 yo M (#4) , n our baby is 17 yo afab transgender M (#5)

so there’s the main players in my life.

my kids have all been diagnosed with ADD, n all were started on meds as children. Our 28 n 18 yo’s are the only ones still taking meds.
co-morbid diagnosis: #1, 3, 4 & 5 deal with depression. #3 has some as of yet undiagnosed stuff going on. #5 has been diagnosed with ODD, anxiety, social anxiety, Aspbergers (so they’re on the autism spectrum, n I am really believing as of yet undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or something close to it.
# 3 & # 5 live with us. #4 goes off to college next month. #1 & 2 are both married n working n having babies n doing the family thing.
I will continue this in my next blog… I think I’m running out of space! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have an amazing day!!


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