Three years ago myself my third husband and my children decided to make afresh start and move away from the area we lived.All of our family and friends lived around us but we thought we wanted a change in life.We decided to up root and move to the other end of the country so ourselves and the children could experience new surroundings and people.My husband transfered with his company and the plan was for me to get a job once we settled.Well the kids settled in realy quickly and my husbands job transision moved on well.I on the other hand after working for at least 30 years struggled to gain employment.I applied for at least 50 jobs a week with next to no comeback from the companys.I found this very frustrating and very disrespectful the fact that most of them couldnt even send out a standard letter just saying "sorry youve not been sucessful this time". As for the unemployment agency well are they worth being nieve thought that after working as long as i had i would get help straight away well they quite blatentley said because i had worked for most of my life there wasnt a lot they could help us with on the other hand if i had’nt done a days work they basicaly would have given me all the help i needed on a plate.After a good 14 months and getting into a lot of debt i finaly got offered a position working for a pub chain only 16 hours a week mind but any little helps so i thought.When at the interview i explained that i had young children and that my husbands work patten varied weekly early starts late nights (he is a bus driver you see) so i could only work hours that suited those needs i mean we work for our family and not work for work dont we.This was all accepted and so was given my start date.The hours issue lasted for about 4 weeks and then it all changed i was given all the unsociable hours you could imagine and thats when the depression started i was torn between how to look after my family and work as we had no help from benefits other then tax credits i had no choice but to stay with this and struggle on.As luck would have it 6 months later i managed to gain full time employment through an agency working at the local hospital as an admin clerk.Better hours and better money this i thought was our turn around.WRONG after informing the tax credits that i had this job our money was dropped so really i was working for nothing but again i had no choice, because if i then decided not to take the job they would have stopped the money we was getting because i would have made my self voluntery unemployed.So again the black cloud loomed.6 months later and tax renewal time, baring in mind i have informed them of every detail they came back and said we had been over paid and now we owe them money so our benefits were then halved oh joy.There we were both working full time ,with next to no money.Then guess what happened mortgage rate go’s up we needed to find an extra £200 pound a month that and all the final demands landing on the door mat every day.Now our new life involves me and my husband either arguing or not talking me crying and hateing the world and feeling as if i have let my whole family down.Life is shit my marriage is shit and i know my kids hate me because i dont take them anyware or buy them anything.My life is work,bed(not sleep),work ,bed and thats it.I just cant cope with this anymore.Wy has this happend to us we have allways been hard working law abiding citizens and now i believe it does’nt pay to work hard and be honest because doing that has cost us a life.



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