This Christmas break was one of the worst I have experienced. Leading up to break, I had another pleasant discussion with my mum. Actually, it was not so pleasant. It started out by me refusing to wear a certain jacket. My excuse was because it was too puffy. That was not true. I do not like the jacket because it is too girly. She said I was the most vain girl she has ever met. I pointed out I am not a girl. She gave up all pretense of supporting me and understanding and said ¨God made you one way.¨ I have not tried to talk to her since. And, mostly because of that, I tried to kill myself  (twice) during vacation in Arizona. I have been very deppressed during this holiday.

I always see things about trans/LGBTQ support that mostly say stuff about if someone does not accept you, you should avoid them and end your relationship with them. Unfortunately none of the stuff mentions anything about if it is your parents who are unsupportive. I hate vacations, mostly because I need to stay away from my family as much as possible. If anyone has the same issue, or has any ideas, private message me or comment.


Another thing is my school. I told my teachers I am trans, and they were really nice about it, and they call me by my initials instead of my name, but now they are not really doing that. I do not want to make a scene by bringing it up. What should I do? Also, if any of you reading this are wondering, my apostrophe key is not working. Which is why I have to spell out each word, if you get my meaning.


I do feel like killing myself a lot. The only thing holding me back is that I do not want to die a girl. I also feel like running away, but that would get me nowhere. Advice?



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