Today my niece stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well.  I made her some cereal and let her get on my computer and tried to watch her as much as I could until my brother and sis in law got up.  Dad’s been sleeping all day, it’s almost noon, so me and my niece go in to try and wake him up.  I ask him if he needs anything.  He says he needs something to eat.  I said that my sis in law asked him if he wanted scrambled eggs and he said no, just to refresh his memory because sometimes he says things when he’s sleeping and doesn’t realize it.  So he says, "Fuck it, don’t fix me anything.  I’ve been up all night again and wanted to sleep!! You sound just like your Mom."  

Now WHY would I ask him if he needed anything if I didn’t WANT to fix him something?? This was 5 MINUTES ago that my sis in law asked if he wanted something to eat and now all of a sudden he wants something… I just wanted him to tell me what it was he wanted!  And it’s MY fault he was up all night!??!?  I went to bed at 10:30!!  *I* wasn’t the one making him stay up!!  How was *I* supposed to know he stayed up all night??  I came in at 6:00 a.m. and he was snoring!!  And what difference does it make if he stayed up all night or not!?  I was nice enough to check on his grumpy ass and I get treated like shit because he’s half asleep and doesn’t want to be bothered!!

I’m so TIRED OF THIS.  HE gets in a mood, HE hears something wrong and all of a sudden, EVEN THOUGH I WENT IN to ASK him if he needed anything, I’m a stupid bitch because I was telling him what he already said he didn’t want to try and remind him.  Ya know, he’s gonna wake up and either be a bitch again or he’s gonna wake up and be like, "I’m sorry, you know I was up all night and I get grumpy."  I’M TIRED OF THE SORRIES.  Almost 30 years of em and I can only take so much.

So whatever.  I get shit on, it’s okay.  And my friends are supposedly coming over tonight to watch a movie and he’s acting like an ass?? Looks like I may have to cancel if he continues.  What’s new?  Make ME look like an ass.  I usually do. 


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