I’m trying not to do something that I know I shouldn’t.  This is the hardest part of the day for this.  It’s killing me, but I can hang in.  I think I can, anyway.  I read a response to my last blog that has me thinking that the person who gave me the advice thought I wasn’t serious when I said I appreciated the thought.  The truth is, we’re all kind of taking shots in the dark, with only a small flashlight to guide us, when we try to give each other advice, b/c our view, via our computers is, at best, limited.  I said that I appreciate the thought not to be flip or out of some perfunctory nod, but b/c even suggestions that do not fit, in my mind, make me think sbout my situation differently.  And, when you’re as deeply stuck in the mud as I am, questioning yourself isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I have a prob with people who nag, with people who make God like pronouncements about other people’s lives, and people who get bossy.  I don’t have a prob w/ advice simply b/c I don’t agree with it.  Sometimes, examining why I wouldn’t do that particular thing can lead to a valuable realization.  I value all of your input, whether I would act on it, or not.  I really mean that.  And, that’s true for all of you who come here and bother to read this nonsense.  I’m touched that you care enough to respond all.  And, as far as Steve goes, yes, I need to break away from his manufactured drama.  Detachment, at least to a degree, is definitely in order.  And, as crappy as it sounds, I haven’t really been tryig to save him, so much as shut him up.  I give him solutions so he’ll stop harping, but he’ll come up with some excuse as to why the solution won’t work so he can harp for several more hours.  I know we all have those days, but it’s become an ongoing situation.  And, I’ve got real problems (not conjured, or made up ones) to focus on.  He definitely has the potential to be a toxic friend, and I have to be careful where he’s concerned.  God, I wish I could just kiss my husband.  He’s so beautiful.  Anyway, I think I made it clear to Steve today that I’m not engaging his drama, anymore.  I’m just not having it. 

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  1. sonar 13 years ago

    Based on your last sentence, I think the issue you”re likely to face is that he”s not going to get that you”re "not having it" as much as you mean you”re not having it.

    It”s not that he didn”t hear you or anything. Men learn from women, and I”m not really referring to yourself, that "not having it" might mean "i”m not having it", or it might mean "I”m testing you, to see if you”re a pathetic wimp and will go along with it". So I suppose my point is, make sure he gets it as much as you think he does.

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