Well it's that time, eight weeks of age when cats and dogs are usually weaned and ready to leave the mother and those that cared for them as wee ones.
I've come to love Paint and her kittens so much. I've found they have personalities and their likes and dislikes.
The white one has a sweet side, he loves licking your hand. But he also has a playful side. The girl kitten is shy and reminds me of Ginger, who passed away last year. And the other male is very playful. He loves to bother me when I'm reading in my bed. They're all so special since I was there the day they were born. I remember that day pretty well.
I went downstairs into the basement to check on Paint, the mom, as I do several times a day. I couldn't find her. I looked under my bed because she loves going under there. Then I looked in my closet and saw her with this white rat looking thing nursing. I ran and grabbed the phone and called my mom. I told her Paint was having her babies. I told her the first one was snow white, as he was at the time. We laughed because we also have a Neutered solid white cat. We had previously joked he could be the father. Anyway, a while after the first kitten was born, Paint let out a loud meow and began to prepare for the second one. It was so amazing to me to watch then come into the world. And to see two kittens nursing at the same time. I saw some blood and called my mom againto ask if that was normal.Then the last kitten came and Paint laid back exhausted. I petted her to make sure she was ok. I was so amazed and thankful I was able to see the birth or 66% of it. I sat on the floor with Paint and the babies til my feet were falling asleep from sitting cross legged.
I tooka couple of pictures to mark the event. A beautiful event to me…something I will never forget.
Why must it hurt so much to love? I knew from the beginningthat we were probablygoing to get rid of them all but now that the time is here, it hurts so much. I didn't think it would hurt this much.


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