Chapter 1 – Wolf cub, The beginning


Once upon a time there was a wolf cub. This cub grew up in a den which was created by his uncle, dominated by his step father, and nurtured by his mother. His sister cub ran away and brother cub rebelled against the pack. The cubs step-father was an interesting wolf, nice when sober and a beast when drinking over ripe grapes. The young cub suffered verbal abuse while his mother suffered verbal and physical abuse at the teeth of his drunken step father.

Act 1 – The witness

One night, while the young cub was in his tunnel, his mother howled his name. He approached the main tunnel cautiously to see his mother and step-father there. "Go back to your tunnel" his step father barked, but the cub stayed put looking at his mother. "Go ahead" his mother reluctantly stated. The cub, a bit confused, turned around and returned to his tunnel. After several minutes, he heard his mother howl his name again. Returning to the main tunnel at a jog, it was the same thing. He stayed for a while longer before returning to his tunnel. Just as he got comfortable, his mother's howl called him again. Running to the main tunnel, he found the same two wolves and got the same barking orders. Not this time the little wolf thought, he now knew it was his job to be a witness. Laying down in the dirt he glared at his step father and refused to return to his tunnel. The two wolves parted ways, but the young wolf stayed where he was for several minutes to make sure his step-father did not return this time.

End Act 1


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