First, Id like to thank everyone that commented on my last blog….very nice to kno im not alone in this…

Hope everyones Holidays were good and that everyone is blessed….Mine were ok I spose…got to spend time with my fam and grandkids so that was wonderful…Been fightin with my 16 yr old daughter since xmas eve so she has been at her dads since xmas *deadbeat* never paid child support and always jus comes around when its convenient for him to do so…so now that hes #1 dad…im alil hurt by it..I have always been the provider that made sure her needs and wants were met…so was a very anxious few days for me…I have no energy ta do anything, im thinkin im havin some depression by it all…I feel that she is manipulatin me and playin her dad and i against eachother and he is playin along so yes….im very angry right now! Still no meds tho…Anyone ever jus feel real *anxious* daily tho? I jus feel like i have to rush everything yet i have no time limits on anything if that makes any sense lol…

Im sick of bein alone…now true enuf i have *friends with benefits* but that jus isnt workin for me anymore….I have no desire to b with someone that i will never have a committment with so this is a new issue for me….Thinkin maybe ill jus b celibate for a while and focus on me…I seem to attract the morns anyway..Ima moron magnet! lol k enuff wit that subject lmao

I am hoping that 2012 will b my year ta shine…that things will only b better then last year..I am determined ta make that happen…I refuse ta give up…so anxiety is still with me but the attacks are few and far between and usually dont last long so im hopin that i have somewhat conquered my way of negative thinkin and maybe can atleast keep them at bay…I jus wanna live life to the fullest and for happy…welp thats all for now but ill touch back down soon….stay blessed everyone and thanx for stoppin by my spot!!


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