My choice of music today is pretty abstract, not normally a band i listen to, but i’ve found them to be pretty interesting in some of their lyrics.

Music, as i’ve explained in previous blogs can interpret and sometimes influence our minds to how we feel.

In my case, the heavier the metal, the happier I feel. I don’t know why, but I can really relax when it comes to metal as a genre.

Anyway, onto how i’ve been doing instead of talking shite about music 🙂

Recently; been feeling pretty good recently, hence why i’ve not come here much anymore. (my laptop also broke, which might have had something else to do with it)

Past Few Days; Not so good reallly, had a few moments of wanting to cut myself, but i’ve managed to resist. The constant talk of people killing themselves around me isn’t really helping I suppose, but I guess my brothers sense of humour is a little twisted. (It’s not my brothers fault, he has some kind of condition where he cannot adhear to other peoples feelings or emotions)

Today; Had a few down moments today, I was up all night last night, and not slept since. Had a down in the pit of my stomach all day, and not felt like eating or drinking. I wish my family would understand how I feel more often, but wish my friends would stop asking about the scars on my arms. (I do try to cover them up as often as possible, but it’s starting to get warmer outside, so it’s becoming increasingly harder to hide them)

Goals for Today;

1] Get out of bed

2] Have a shower

3] Try to eat

4] Drink something (Cup of tea)

5] Try to find a job

6] Go out (It’s almost 6pm, doubt it)

7] Write my blog

8] Kill my brother for not shutting up (Sooooo close!)

9] Throw my brother out of my flat (Next few hours, Excuse: Sleep needed)

10] Turn off crappy Motorhead song

Conclusion; 5 out of 10 goals acheived for today, 50% success, 50% failure, once again. Becoming the story of my life recently..

Anything Else? Nope, I’ll stop boring you with my randomness and annoying blog.

Wishing everyone well.


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  1. BeOptimistic 14 years ago

    50% is better than 0%.  Have a good weekend.

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