Talk about going from bad to worse. My sore throat is now a full blown cold and as it turns out, other kids seem to be sick as well. Or rather at least one guy is because I caught him sneezing while I was waiting for my food.

Not that this matters because students aren't people. We're robots who never stop going, who never get tired. No matter what happens, we're never supposed to stop, nothing bad is ever supposed to happen to us. We never need help of any kind.

I hate professors who think this way and unfortunately, that is exactly how my DAM (Digital Asset Management) professor feels. Actually, I sort of think she's just a dumb, lazy bitch but either way, she sucks.

Her class is 2 hours long and comes right behind my Italian class. I was really out of it during Italian and nearly fell asleep so at the end, I explained to my professor that I was having a difficult time with the new unit and that being sick is making it even harder for me to keep up. Right away she said that we could meet up and when I said that I have Friday off, she said to email her about meeting then, no problem.

Well, when I got to DAM, I was hungry, upset, worn out, and sore. 50 minutes in, the professor says to take a 5 to 10 minute break so I got up and told her that I'm sick and was having a hard time making it through the class. I asked if I could possibly see her presentation material later and I was told no, that I "need to learn to take notes". So basically, she is refusing to post any of her powerpoint presentation online even though most professors do. She wants to force the entire class to write paragraphs' worth of material by hand for two hours, at least once a week, maybe twice if she gets wordy in her labs, too. Not even being sick makes any difference, she wants you there and suffering and shows no interest in helping anyone in trouble.

If I'm still in her class at the end of the quarter, she just earned herself a shit review.

And now that I finally am able to, I'm going to sleep until my next class. >.<


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