Ok well so we are wrapping up a new year here soon so I figured I'd kinda review all that has been up with me this past year. It's had it's ups and it's downs. I released 2 books this year. Severed heartstrings and Blood Stained pages. Had some real good feedback on both of them, no sales have been slow but then I don't gung-ho promote the hell out of them either and publishing them for profit was never the main reason anyhow. I do it for me as more of a accomplishment in my life. One of the best things to come from my writing is the great friends I've met through different poetry forums. And some of the collaborations I've done with them. Like seeing one of my poems be made into a song and video by my good friend Marquis was a dream come true. The friendship and creative back and forth with him has been a highlight of my life. Looking forward to much more in the future Bro! Also like to thank everyone who has supported me in all my endevours My appreciation and love for you is unending. Ok so what else, hmm relationship wise I suppose it has been good and bad. started off pretty shitty but is ending very well. I am now in a relationship with an Amazing woman, who has me looking forward to the year to come. It's hard to describe but for once I feel like this is exactly what I want and there is so much to look forward to. And am I ever ready for that. Can't wait to see how this all progresses and goes. Because as of right now she makes me happier than I have been in quite somewhile. Thank you Mable!! <3 Well I guess the other big news is I'm going to be an uncle again in about 3 weeks. My sis is due on Dec. 30th but I think she might go early. don't know if it will be a niece or nephew yet but either way it will be great, Well I'm sure I'm leaving out so much but the head cold I got is kinda clouded my memory right now so if more comes up I'll just have to type more later. For once things are looking up! Thanks again to all my friends old and new. Love to you all. Happy Holidays. ~ Troy

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  1. sparklicous 14 years ago

    hey. quite an inspiring year. congratulations on everything. it reminded me of all the creative endeavors i've left unfinished and i feel like going upstairs right now and picking up a paintbrush and reassessing  what i'm doing sitting in front of the computer in my kitchen stuffing my face. thanks, and good luck.

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