Yesterday i went to see a new therapist. I noticed that on the way to see her, that i was constantly thinking of how the conversation was gonna be like. I think i had a whole conversation in my car by myself….lol.  I kept catching myself doing it and asking myself why i was doing it, then, a couple seconds later, i would start doing it again.. This went on for quite a while…lmao. I made sure that i told her about this when i got there and she said that it was normal for people with anxiety disorders to do that. wow, that was a relief to hear that!! i thought that i was going crazy or something! She seemed kinda impressed that i had a list of traumatic events, things that might be causing my anxiety, and a list of thoughts that i have sometimes. i told her that i wanna get this under control and that list was definitly something that i thought i should do to help the situation move along quicker. She told me that from the list, that she could tell that i have some issues with stuff that my dad does and it could be contributing to a lot of my anxiety. So, she gave me an assignment of writing down things that i want to say to my dad, things that i havent because i try to avoid conflict. It was also noticed that i am passive-agggresive, which after she explained what that exactly meant, cuz i am no english major…lol, i totally agreed with her. So at the end of the session, she asked me if i wanted to see her every week. I was so happy to hear her ask me that!! I definitly said yes!  So, i am feeling very good about this right now!! I see a pyschiatrist on the 18th of this month that works in the same office, so , hopefully they will have something in the works for me, as in medicine.

Oh yeah, has anyone ever tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? I was told by a friend about it and wanted to see if it has helped anyone with anxiety


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