Yesturday my boyfriend's mom got tickets to go to a college baseball game. The tickets were for free since she got them from work. She got a ticket for every person that lives in the house, originally she was going to take everyone in the house except for me and my boyfriend and just have her two other kids bring a friend each, but then his grandparents didn't want to go (they stayed home and took care of the foster baby) so we got invited to take their place. I was actually really enjoying myself. His mom was being her usual self, rude and bitchy. And except for 2 times that day I didn't really bother to think about what she was doing or how she was acting. Everyone else saw what I saw so I know it wasn't just me taking things personally, everyone at the baseball game was giving her dirty looks and all that jazz. The 2 times were when I was holding the hands of the foster kid Neysha. I've gotten used to her calling me mom and reaching for me whenever I reach for her. So I took her out of her carseat and started walking with her to the stadium, once it started to get really crowded I held her (she's 1 1/2) and to me it was just more convienant to hold her in a crowded place, especially when all of our seats were really close. So my boyfriend had me check something while he held her for me. His mom then came up and started chewing him out for holding her instead of making her walk and took her from him. She then had Neysha take about 2 steps and then she started to carry her and be all loving to her. And then through the entire game she has Neysha stay seated while she let her adopted son run around the row. (he was seriously getting on my last nerve and everyone elses')

The second thing was when she bought ice cream for everyone that came (her family and her kids' friends) and excluded me and my boyfriend. I don't know about everyone else, but I was raised that that's just plain rude. I was taught that if you invited people to come with you somewhere then you at least offer to pay or go get food for everyone, not just the people you want. And if you're the adult or the eldest then you pay for it, especially when you know the other people don't have money and you invited them. To me that's just rude getting food for everyone but one or two people and never even offering. I don't know how it is with everyone else, but I was taught doing that is rude, that's showing the person that 1. you don't like them (kind of like a slap in the face and 2. that you don't want them to be there.

But whatever, she does that all the time, I just always get a shock from it, especially since me and my boyfriend pay for things for them when we shouldn't even do that. But ya…it was just a good day yesturday. We got to watch a baseball game, got a free hot dog (came with the ticket) and afterwards we got home and me, my boyfriend and his brother made a fire out back. Oh, and what's funny…his mom made us put out the fire because the smoke was getting in the kids' rooms. Don't really know how since the smoke was blowing away from the house, but whatever I guess.


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