Hello All,

I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I was taking a nap in the evening before I went to pick my partner up from work. I remember feeling a little sad that day from hearing about a recent passing of a person I would cross paths with at work. Though my encounters with her consisted of a simple hi once in a blue moon, her passing had a major affect on me. She was still so young and a mother. As I drove to pick up my partner, I felt something off about the way I was feeling. My body tensed up and I started to panic. My blood pressure dropped and my heart was racing so bad. I honestly thought I was dying, this was the end. I was shaking tremendously and I called my partner and told her I don’t think I’ll make it to you. To say I was scared is a total understatement. I was terrified. My partner rushed me to the emergency room and I was told it may have been vaso vago and I was ok. Since that day in February of 2019 I have not been ok. I live in constant fear and my anxiety has turned into depression. I have been to the emergency room in the past 8 months more times than I can count on my fingers because  I’m just scared of any little pain I feel in my body. I hate going out or being around people because my anxiety gets worse. I’m at a complete stop in my life and I’m just so emotionally exhausted. I’m desperately seeking relief and a piece of mind…


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