Yoga has totally changed my life and my OCD. I am a beginner yogini and have only been doing yoga consistently for a couple months, but it didn't take long to notice a difference in the way I feel, think, react to daily stressors. Yoga gives me strength, flexibility and balance of body and MIND. Being present and using yogic breathing has led to me being able to go with the flow much easier. When I start to freak out, its helpful to do alternate nostril breathing, which calms the mind, or to get on the mat and work it out. Physically yoga is great for the body, but I also notice that the more my body stretches, it allows more space in my body, more space between joints and facias…allowing room for things to flow easily. The more my body can flow, the easier it is for my mind to flow. Mind flow is good!

Yoga has also changed me because it has taught me to stick with something and go slowly. I started a 21-Day Yoga Challenge through Yoga Journal. I did all 21 days and then just kept going! I'm on day 63 now. I didn't think I would even stick with the 21 days when I first signed up. I mean, I had all intention to finish it, but when things get hard I often get discouraged and give up. But I went day by day. Pose to pose, moment to moment. I didn't think about what I could or couldn't do in the beginning, I just did the daily yoga video. Another great thing about yoga is that it is a way of thought, a way of life, and the asanas. Being a way of life, it wasn't just about being able to bend in crazy directions. In fact, that isn't what its about at all. I have to take it slow. This isn't something I should expect to be a master at in only a couple months – let alone a couple years! I'm a solid 2 months into daily yoga practice. I have stuck with it, and move through it slowly. I stay committed and when I focus on pose by pose, moment by moment, it is freeing and flowing.


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