Well, I've never done a blog before, and if you are reading this as you can see, I am new. (Well, not completely new… I joined a while back but was too scared to ever do anything)  Well today is the day that I have decided to actually post something and be involved with this.  I have been timid in this because I have a hard time going out of my very small comfort zone.  However, I am really hoping that being a part of this community will help me with my life.  I recently got married, which is great, but the kicker is that my husband works on the road and currently is about 12 hours away from our house.  This isn't a new thing for me.  We actually lived together for 6 years before we got married and the majority of that he has worked on the road.  I have never had an issue with him being gone, and I don't think that is my issue now.  Many people would look at my life and wonder why I'm even reaching out to be in an online community like this. I mean, my husband is wonderful, I have a beautiful home, I pretty much have a good life. But I feel so unaccomplished and disappointed with myself.  After I graduated college in 2009, I wasn't sure what do to next, so I thought I would take some time off to figure things out, but I have just felt like I have been in a downward spiral from there.  I sit at my house by myself and I do nothing.  It isn't even as though I have nothing to do, I have plenty to do, but in addition to being depressed I have severe anxiety.  I can't even go in my front yard to mow the lawn because I am too worried and scared about what my neighbors will think of me.  Then because of my anxiety I start to feel depressed.  I'm not even sure what to do or how to get myself out of this weird funk that I am in.  Well…. that was a bit rambled and skiwambus to say the least, but as I said you have to start somewhere I suppose and this was the start for me.

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  1. missmarie 11 years ago

    That sounds about right.  Exactly right actually.  Thank you for your comment.  It means a great deal to me.

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