I am a highschooler and have been questioning my sexuality for a couple years now. I began to identify as bisexual a little over a year ago, but i didn’t start telling anyone until about two weeks ago. I have anxiety and depression, as well as many other illnesses and health disorders. My family is very judging and hating of LGBT and transgenders, i have been so sacred of them finding out that even to this day my best friend, who is gay as well, pretends to be my boyfriend as i pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his homophobic parents.

I have many days that i am just lost in sadness and depressions that my parents decided to take me to a therapist. But the therapist didn’t help very much, they only stayed with me for a few weeks. I am scared to wake up every morning because i know that i can’t share my thoughts with my family, they’d kick me out if i did. My friends are my true family, even then only three of them are supportive of me being bisexual.

I have been struggling with depression since 2012, and i have been having anxiety attacks since 2009. I am not currently on any anti-depressants because of my other medications, but i hope to be on some before 2017 ends. I mentioned earlier that i had other illnesses and i might as well mention them. I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), Asthma, severe allergies, and i am very prone to being sick because of JRA being a auto-immune disorder.

I know this was long, i just wanted to share who i was. I am a bisexual “female” who has anxiety and depression.

thank you for reading my story.


this part is just here so that i can reach the word count of 300.


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