everytime i hear your name,

it drives me insane,

your smile,

your life,

your wonderful personality,

your many talents,

they way you act around me,

your such a dork,

you can always make me laugh,

and when im sad,

you do as much to make me laugh as possible,

your amazing,

even though sometimes you ignore me,

act like im no one,

but when its me and you,

thats what i love the most,

how we can both be ourselves around each other,

i wish it could be like that all the time,

i wish i could see you more since we go to different schools,

i wish when we were around your friends you would act the same,

but the fact that you act like that around me at all,

makes me feel so important,

there are so many people that know you,

but i know the real you,

the you that is just a goof,

the you that messes up,

the you that can act like a little kid,

the you that can make me feel invincible,

the you that will finish my food,

the you that will give me his jacket,

the you that will have a food fight with me,

the you that will watch the dumbest movies with me,

the you that loves board games,

the you thats not trying to be this cool kid,

the you thats just himself,

the you i love,

when your not trying to impress your friends,

when you do things just to make me smile,

JLM <3 your always there


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