My aunt, cousins also used to stay at my house. My aunt, stepmom and cousins don’t talk to me cause I am a bore when depressed, but they are very busybody. I developed PTSD because of them.They look like stalkers. My aunt will stare, evesdrop on my conversation. When I told my aunt off in anger, she claimed she was not staring or evesdropping. Furthermore my aunt,cousins and stepmom are copycats. They do not talk to me, but like to copy the way i talk,dress etc. They are annoying. If I want to talk to a stranger, they also want to talk to the exact same stranger. In future if I have a boyfriend, they might want to share my boyfriend! After they copy, they do not give me any credit. I feel scared because they are always watching.When my dad falls sick, my stepmom runs to help him. My stepmom doesn not bother to help me, she just more interested in copying the clothes I wear or the books i read etc.I got a panic attack. I don’t think medicine is enough to help me cure PTSD. I believe my stepmom must change her behaviour. But no one wants to listen to me. My dad thinks I am paraniod and crazy. He doesn’t thinks its a big deal. My dad doesn’t think its a big deal that I lost my sis and mum. But he thinks he deserves to get remarried. My dad can be possesive and doesn’t mind if I don’t have any friends.There’s double starndard in my house. I am the only one who gets scolded for "bad behaviour".

I want to stay on my own. But I have no money, no friends. I make a lousy friend cause I blank out and be a mute when I am depressed. Lost my job. I tried loving myself.

I tried psychatrist,psychologist,social worker and consellour. Not been successfull. Any other ideas besides that? 

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  1. Martha_My_Dear 13 years ago

    How horrible! Jesha, it sounds like the people that are around you are the people who are causing such strife in your life. You see that it is unfair so you are naturally reacting. . . Life isn”t often very fair, but we just have to look forward to better days. . . I would focus on things completely away from your family. I would, in fact, just ignore them as much as you can but just try to be pleasant, even if it‘s fake and even if they do not deserve it. Just do what you have to do to keep tensions low, and live to make your future brighter. You will find a job eventually.

    As for you being boring, that can’t be true! Especially if they love to copy you so much. Even if you were a “bore” that’s not up for anyone to decide but yourself. Everyone is different. Most people think I’m boring, but I don’t care. =) I’m just into my own thing, and you are into what you like. That’s how it should be. 

    Just look after yourself and know there are people here who care very much!  =)  Try to have a good weekend!

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