ok. i got this idea from the Book of Faces and put a twist on it.

instead of just listing maybe 25 Random things about yourself, how about this?….

List 15 negative things and 15 positve things about yourself. just copy and paste what i write and erase my answers, fill in your own, and when you finish, post it as a blog titled "Pros and Cons".  do your cons first. see which one you can fill out faster, or which one is easier.



1. I over think everything.

2. i\'ve self harmed.

3. i\'m not as confident as i was a year ago when i was still living in Ohio. hmmm…maybe cause what i\'m going through here in cali.

4. i\'m not nearly as sociable as i want to be and it\'s all my fault.

5. i don\'t support people on here enough as i should.

6. i\'ve been a whiny, unconfident, little p*ussy since i moved. i think there are reasons though.

7. i talk in cirlcles when i should be talking in traingles and get to the point lol;)

8. i have no motivation b/c i am so depressed and i sometimes want to die.

9. i cut my own hair and i mess it up sometimes.

10. i\'m on ssi and it\'s not acceptable by many others.

11. i worked really hard to not care what others think of me, but now i care alot what people think of me and it just keeps getting worse.

12. i have disfigured toes and i let it bother me to the point where i don\'t want to go swimming in public.

13. i\'m a man yet i really need support right now. i need help and get it from only a few places. thanks to those people:)

14. it takes me longer then i want to accomplish things, if i can accomplish things at all.

15. i am doubting myself right now. it\'s got me really fu*ked up in the head. but once again, there are reasons.



1. i\'m the most loyal freind, family member, and loved one anyone could ask for.

2. i would drop everything in a second to help someone who i care about.

3. i worked extremely hard through therapy, self exposing myself to situations, doing "homework", and using my own methods to improve myself to get to where i am today. it took years.

4. i had the balls to move to cali from ohio while on ssi, and follow my dreams of getting into college, finding a job, being independent, living on my own for the first time, trying my damndest to get off ssi and not be dependent on anyone but myself, be closer to my GF, keep fighting to change my negative aspects despite being so depressed that i want to die and somehow i keep going even though i can\'t sleep and the world seems to be raping my soul. yet i keep going.

5. i am HONEST. yes i have lied and i feel guilty as hell about it. but i\'ve admitted my faults and moved on.

6. I pretty much raised my 11 year old nephew, and i\'m the one responsible for getting him into therapy.

7. i am strong minded even though i am going through hell right now.

8. i WILL never be passive, i WILL tell people what i think, even when it\'s scary as hell as to what the consequences may be.

9. I AM open-minded even though it can be hard.

10. I have discovered that i have many talents that i haven\'t really tapped into yet in large part due to my mental health issues. when i get past this pain. the world best watch the f*ck out cause I won\'t let up when i start feeling better…

11. I Love kids, animals, and good hearted people.

12. I will always try and change myself for the better if it will benefit myself or someone i love or care about. i just need to know what to change sometimes.

13. I am open about myself and am not afraid to tell people where i stand.

14. I will force myself to do what i have to even if i feel like death.

15. i respect myself when noone else does.


i had a better time when i was writing down the positives. it was a little quicker than the cons.




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