I really don't know the way to tell you. But there's a way to cure your sadness. I don't have any control over what I'm typing. Just hear me out. (Sigh) Do you really think OCD is all you'll become? All you'll ever be? I thought so too. It was ALL I saw in my life, in my future. My life. My life was OCD. Or being depressed, or crying for most of the day. I thought, is this all I'm going to be? (Sigh) Probally this is how you feel too. I'm not here to tell you I'm the most perfect person, or that I don't have any problems, or that I don't get sad or suffer anymore. But it's like- it's like, I have hope. And I didn't find it in a therapist or a physologist or any doctor. In no treatment. —– 

And this words that I type, I hope it brings "the hope" to you too. Aren't you tired? Aren't you SICK of it? Is it all you see too? 


You don't have to comment back, or add me or whatever. I still suffer. I still cry. Is not easy. And sometimes a lot of the hope goes away and I feel like I went back to square one. 

But- when the cryings over, I don't feel so bad, because He's there. Thought I don't feel Him as much as others do. 

Just— please, try to not be scared of God. I know I'm still a work in progress and there's a lot of stuff I need to work on, that HE'S working on.

Taking your own life is not going to do any good. And you know where you go IF you do that. 

I know- I know- I know, sometimes you just feel like, what am I living for? But don't you think He deserves a try?

They say He's the best friend YOU could EVER have, He's working in me to see HIM like that, but I know that that is true.

Don't see this as a religious thing, I don't want battles.

Isn't it sad to believe THIS is all YOU will BECOME?

Give HIM a chance, Give God, Jesus a chance.

Just, try it. Give HIM your life.

After all, Jesus gave HIS life, for YOU.



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