What do you do?

When the paranoia and the thoughts interfere with work so much you can’t handle being there?

How many times can you call out before you have to start explaining? And how do you explain things without‚Äč it being…too much?

I mean can you really tell your boss/manager you didn’t come in because “it wasn’t safe for you or other people”???

Theoretically yes I could say that, however, I’m not sure if have a job at all after that.

So yeah, what do you do…..

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  1. jhewitt03041976 5 years ago

    there are things, things in the shadows, just sitting there, barely breathing, waiting, but for what, there are things right in front of you, hidden in plain sight…watching, watching YOU, seeing you for what you are, the fraud that you are, a LIAR, constantly trying to convince that the impending inevitability is closer than expected…

    but you are not a fraud to the outside world, you are not lying to the ones in your life, your lying to yourself, you are constantly trying to distract yourself from something from something you don’t want to deal with for so long and worried about being judged because of it, it worked, you have forgotten about it, yet the fear of judgement lingers subconsciously, everyone knows what happened, everyone is just waiting for the right moment to take you out for it, are you worried about what could happen to others, or what you hide (not the paranoia), be exposed?

    frankly, sexuality don’t mean jack shit these days, germaphobes…no one cares, bullied to cruel and rediculous levels?, a terrible incident involving a family member or trusted person doing something completely fucked?,

    paranoia is not a sickness, it is a sympton, the only way to know what to do is to expand….what was life like before you became full on paranoid?

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