i really unsure what to do about my boyfriend! its fine when im with him ,which is only at weekends adn thats only really saturday night! with me always going to his ,never oncedhas come to visitme and his excuse is its far away its a half an hour drive.anyways through out the week there is very little contact what so ever and it results in me 9/10 being the first one to contact him and ask if he had a good day or what ever, but even when i do this i getvery short answers and its either ' yeah its ok' or yeah u?'. and when i do replie he dosnt always replie back! its just making me feel like he just genrallydosnt care! and if i say to him having a bad day theres not response or asking if im ok later on or anything! i dont need him to constently be asking me if im ok etc but every now and thern wouldnt go a miss just be nice to feel like he cares! i cant talk to him about anything that goes on in my head or any problems i have because he just ignors it! sorry i have blogged about this before but it just getting me further down all the time! i want to speak to him about it but when i see him i forget about it and just then get afraid of coming of needy and scaring him away! im used to people not caring espcally guys but for once it just be nice to have someone who does care and generally wants to know! but jsut dosnt seem like its ever going to happen! feel so lonley and just contnuily losingfaithinpeople feels as though im not ment to be cared for outsideof myfamily:(

  1. fragile_things 9 years ago

    thanks you! its horrible! im not a needy a person when it comes to realtionships as ive learnt not to relie on anyone but a lil care goes a long way! im scared to end it i guess im just afraid of then letting someone else new into my life but part of me knows i should because your right im not going to find someone else whilst im in something else! i dont get some people i really dont 🙁 thnk you though for your advice 🙂 x

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  2. Andie372 9 years ago

    You deserve better. If it were me, I'd say bye bye.

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