Hi my name is Mercedes which people know me as Sades and i am a teenager like everyone else just i delt with different things in life and some can relate and throughout this i hope i can help others and myself too. I grew up with two siblings but i am the only one with a different “father” but had the same mother. Of course i would be treated different but this part is not about how i was treated different but i will get more into it later on but this for right now is introducing myself and my family members so you know later who they are. Every kids has a mother and a “father” and my mothers name is Jennifer and my “fathers” name is Michael. I bet ya’ll are wondering why i put father like that well you will find out through this and my story and life. My siblings name are Alexus and Manuel…Alexus is my oldest sister and Manuel is my younger brother. There are also my grandmother named Beatrice and my grandfather name Johnny. Yeah seems alright n like a normal family. More and more i tell you about my life the more yall will know how crazy my life is. I will be posting everyday when i can. If yall wanna talk to me yall can direct message me or anything or need advice feel free to ask or give me advise too because i need help too just know yall arent alone at all… i have to remind myself that eveyday too. Just know its not a bad life its a bad day n you have tomorrow to try again just dont give up i am trying to figure things out too n believe in that too and i hope i help someone too along the way. Bye everyone till the next time and please be safe.



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