For years now I've gotten emails from the library in my hometown. I read them maybe 15% of the time. As I've been staying with my folks this week, it makes sense that today fell within that rare 15%. I was hoping that some local "historian" (this town is full of such enthusiastic amateurs) would be having a book launch, and I could amble down there and procrastinate with the help of a grainy powerpoint show and some wine and cheese. On deck instead was an energy healer. Interesting. For all my ejucashun and rationalism, I am a closet energy freak. I've read all Donna Eden's books (Energy Medicine for Women is amazing) and have read up on energy psychology (aka EFT), too. When I have my shit together, I do Donna's energy routine and tap almost daily. (As they really do work, I should do them when my shit is not together.)

Anyway, I went to the talk. Got there a few minutes early and talked to the healer (lovely guy), so perhaps it's not surprising that he asked me to be his "demo." I was glad to do it, but as I walked up there, all I could think was: This dude claims to be an empath. Isn't he just going to pick up on what a nutcase I am? My guilt? My resistance? My lack of drive? My jealousy? My inability to love disinterestedly? My pride? My lack of pride? My need for praise? My vanity? My resentment? My fear of looking stupid/being mediocre/being ordinary? My fear of getting sick/losing my parents/losing my mind/not fulfilling my purpose? My fear of dying of a bug bite/alone/in poverty? "I'm such a twit," I kept thinking, "a thwarted, bitter, green-eyed twit."

But when I got up there, he just did his thing and it felt good. When he got to my third chakra–the seat of personal power, self-esteem, and personal intergrity–he took a few seconds out of his spiel and said, "Wow. You're a good person. I mean, a really good person. it's just wonderful. Good for you."


He also said that my third-eye chakra was fountaining out energy. That came as no surprise, as I usually feel gigantic, jungle blooms of energy there when I practice yoga, meditate, look at nature, or have sex.

I wish I could afford a proper healing session. I could do with an energy swap.

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  1. landscaper 9 years ago

    Hun,i don`t know a lot about energy healing but i`m happy you enjoyed it.and when you he said you are a good person,well that is the absolute truth!!! big (((hugs))) always…

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