I've been finding it hard to get on here and type my blog lately.  Even when I have time I set up the blog page and then fiddle around with other things rather than blogging. 

I've been having a rough time lately.  My sister is moving out again and make my life a misery.  You see her 'latest' bf was made through a friend of mine that I've had for about 4 years.  Now I can't talk to that person because that is when disaster strikes.  She tells lies to them and anything I say I get in trouble for and trust me…it doesn't work.  It seems any form of relationship I work towards is being broken by 'her'.  I was building a better relationship with my aunty and then yesterday I recieve an e-mail saying "why are you reading your sisters e-mails? Some that I pass on are not for young girls eyes."  I am 24.  Plus, I don't read peoples e-mails.  My sister sends them to me and I pass them on.  See what happens?  At my dancing school I have an adults class of which she is a member.  I don't mind that.  But, sometimes she argues with me in front of everyone of how I'm doing things.  She is beginning to make friends with a 23 year old female in the class and although that is what my class is all about, the other night she made the class very uncomfortable.  My sister and the 23yo talked and talked about things no one else would know about and made the conversation closed so no one would catch on.  Another lady and I were there and when we asked they would reply something along the lines of "it's too rude" or "you wouldn't understand".  I'm not happy!

Today I broke down when telling my Mum that it isn't fair.  She steals the people I make friends with and here I sit with nothing.  My birthday the last two years have all been about her and this year it was mixed with my eldest sisters' wedding bitchiness.  They say "why can't you let that crap go?" about my birthday and holding on to what happens on the day.  How can I let THAT go? 

Another lonely sad day in the life of Hales!


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