Well I'm not dead, but I really haven't been here in forever. I've been so damn busy lately it's driving me nuts. I have very few classes to do before I graduate college and the school is being stupid. They screwed me out of three semesters because they were to damn lazy to process my file, so I had to wait around until there were basically no classes and couldn't take the online ones I wanted to do, so I had to actually take regular classes. I have a slipped disk in my back; Well actually two, so sitting for 7 hours in those little chairs, REALLY doesn't play nice as you can imagine.


And I won't even go into how I have one class early as shit, and another one that goes until 9:50 PM… So wake up around 7 AM, go to class, sit in a hot as crap no AC no windows aloud to be opened room with an asshole teacher who thinks so highly of himself I'm surprised I can fit in the class with his fucking ego in there.


then come home for a little bit to try and eat something and get ready for the next class, which isn't easy because since there are summer classes they give out 5 hours of home work each night, and I have class 4 nights a week in a row, and the fucker I was talking about says we should be doing MORE which pisses me off, and then go to my next class, which lasts until almost 10 PM, get home, exhausted already, and try to do homework until I pass out at like 4 AM so I can get back up at 7 AM and get ready again. Then on the weekends, pass out from exhaustion after about 30 hours without sleep, sleep for a little while, get up and try to play catch up…


this is why most people don't take summer classes; There isn't hardly any classes at all, and since it's only 8 weeks, instead of one chapter from the book in the classes, you generally have 5 to 7 chapters you do each day and then times that by two classes and you have a schedule that is hardly possible to keep up with.


And of course if people DO take summer classes it's generally only ONE class. Now, since I'm on Financial aide, I can only have a certain amount of time to finish my degree. After like a set number of credit hours, I have to either graduate, or pay for school myself. Well guess what happens when someone in the office FOR financial aide screws up three times, charges me for semesters I couldn't even take because they said my file wasn't done yet and then charges anyway saying I have to pay anyway or I can't register? Well, I waste 3 semesters, and then have to do an appeal to that rule so I can finish even though it wasn't my fault at all. It was their's.


I still haven't heard back even though I went in and got my appeal sent in BEFORE class had started this semester. They said I'd get a letter. I haven't. So I don't even know if all this work is even going to help because I may end up having to pay for college which I of course couldn't afford, so I may be killing myself from exhaustion for nothing.


I've s far pretty much said the hell with this semester. I mean it really doesn't seem to matter. If I go and work hard in my classes and drop dead from exhaustion and they deny me, then I will have to pay for school to finish anyway, in which case it won't matter, OR if they OK it, I'll have to re-sign up and take those classes one more time, which, really, big fucking deal, at least then I can take them online as I wanted to.


I asked the teachers on the first day BEFORE class if I could do the work from home and then drop it off before or after class or even email it because of my BAD back problems, and the dick headed one said "to be frank no, we do a lot in class"….. Ummmm OK so a class the college offers online has a lot of in class stuff? Then how can you pass it online?


the Other teacher isn't as bad but still said no. Again, another class they offer online, and they say I have to show up in class even though when I do retake it I'll be doing so online….. Yea, real nice.


So I've already missed so much class I'm pretty much failing everything because a mixture of my back which makes it almost impossible to show up as it is since the parking lot is a block away from the area I have classes, and then fo course sitting in those chairs… It's hard enough to do that….


And then add to it the lack of sleep, and head aches I've had from a mix of the stress and the no sleep thing and you have me going through the HARDEST semester in college I've EVER had to do. I've taken more classes before with a full on load that even a teacher said I should cut back on because of how much class I had, and gotten good grades, and this with two classes, has been the worst semester I've ever had in college. 


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