Well, I got back from a mental health facility today after being there 8 days for my OCD. While I was there we were just working on getting on a better medication, and now I’m seeking outpatient therapy and support groups. I’m nervous but here I am.

While I was there, I came across some rude PA’s, but some were very patient with me and let me do my rituals and take the time I needed for them. Now I’m home and I just get nervous but I know my family let’s me take my time. The medication takes 3 to 5 weeks to start working so, wish me luck in the meantime! I just need to talk to people who understand and can relate to me and help me feel more comfortable being who I am. I’ve had this illness for as long as I can remember and It’s gotten worse over the years. I finally decided to seek help through inpatient at a lovely place in Georgetown Texas called Rock Springs. Like I said, very good place. Good food, soft-ish bed and my doctor was very helpful and knowledgeable about OCD and told me the ins and outs of the illness and the serotonin in the brain and why I have the repetitive actions and thoughts. Now that I’m hole I’m just looking for a nice group and maybe a few people to talk to because my friends don’t understand and never will no matter how much I explain. I just need someone who does, and it’s my first time reaching out to people lIke me so I’m hoping someone will come forward and give me hope and help me lose the feeling of being alone. So, besides this, I’m a cool person I believe. So if you want to, message me.

  1. themadpentagon 4 years ago

    Congrats on making the steps towards improving your ocd, not many people make it to that point!
    Like you, I’ve had my symptoms as long as I can remember, right down to a toddler, and my whole life I’ve always felt kinda “off”, a black sheep if you will. Finding out it was ocd all along was helpful as it provided an explanation for these weird, obsessive thoughts, and that I’m not messed up.
    I’ve found that only a positive attitude can help my symptoms, I only make it worse by beating myself up over it. I know it’s more difficult for some than others but you are certainly not alone in your suffering. You’re lucky your family is understanding as well!

    It couldn’t be more true saying that no matter how much you explain the disorder, they won’t ever fully understand what it’s like unless they could see our thoughts. When I tried to talk to my partner about it he was say stuff like ” but that’s just being tidy” or “I do that too”. Maybe he’s trying to help, but it really doesn’t help when people try to play it down. Just remember you’re never alone in this!

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    • gvgg121 4 years ago

      I am so glad I found this website because I have felt so alone with my OCD because no one I know can truly understand what it is like. Your reply has summed up so many things in such a fluid way. I feel like I will be able to actually conquer this illness that has been conquering me for so long because of the community here. Thanks for being a part of it.

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