Somethings happened to me in the past few weeks, I owe a lot of it to a friend taking me on the most insane holiday of my life so far……It was fun and full or revelations. It has changed my perspective on my life. Some things that I put so much emphasis on – getting that big job in the city – maybe arent the be all of life.

Having experiences that fulfil the time that we have on this earth now seem more fun, i'm still young, have a few years before I want to setlle down, hell the saying says do one thing a day that scares you, maybe I should start doing something that is different, have some fun. If other people can do it why not me.

Another thing happened on holiday…..nearly 4 years ago, the then love of my life tore my heart out, I didnt know how life was ever going to be worth it again, and even worse he destroyed my faith in men and relationships for what i thought had been for ever. I had one of those very brief but exciting holiday flings, it was fab – although i wont go into details 😉 – i sunndenly feel that there are genuine nice blokes out there. Even though i probably wont see the guy again or even talk to him for all I know, just those couple of days of a guy being genuine, interesting and my god interested in me, left me feeling great, confident and happy to be in the company of a guy, and think beyond the obvious night time fun.

I dunno, its odd, i feel different, happy, postive about things. i've downloada a new – sensible and sustainable – diet, got the timetable for the local sports centre swimming, found my yoga DVD, and even more than that but decided that the plans I had to start scuba diving a few years ago, are going to happen and soon.

I'm craving exciting and different things, looking forward to feeling good about myself and about life in general……who knows how long will last…..but i'm going to enjoy it whilst it does.

Thank you to my most genuie and caring friend in the world……you changed things for the better….and you know who you are xxx


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