I have just made my list of things I need to prepare for Tornado Season Part One. I have a bathroom in the center of my basement with no windows or outside walls that we hide in. Well, my husband doesn't because usually he's not home when tornadoes threaten, and if he is, he's usually standing right outside or right beside the full glass windows so he can see it. While I stress for days about these events, he has such a carefree attitude. Must be nice. I hyperventilate and think about how I can make it to the door and yank him back in side quickly enough so I can get back to the kids and hold them down. Doesn't he understand that he's so much stronger than me it would be so much easier if he would help me hold the kids down? Guess not. Ok, back to the list: in a cuboard outside the bathroom I keep the batteries, flashlights, and radio. I also keep a mattress, heavy table, blankets and pillows. I basically build a nest. There will be snacks, boots for everyone, light jackets for everyone (it always seems chilly after these storms roll through), and a sturdy safe for important documents and my purse. Everyone should have a fully charged cell phone deep in their pockets. Last year I considered using a sharpie to put names and addresses on us. But I didn't. I also make sure everyone has a book to read or a DS or something to keep their little minds occupied. Now I have to remember to put the collar on the dog and keep a leash with my other stuff. Wouldn't want him running around loose terrorizing the rescuers.

I live in Alabama. What can I say? Honestly, though, I am the only person I know who prepares for these things. An astonishing number of people here act so surprised when there's a tornado warning. Just like those people you see who act hurt and surprised after a hurricane wipes away their beach house. They just can't believe it. Or they just don't care. Well, I don't want to be like that. I want to protect my family the best way I can. I knowa lot of times it doesn't matter what you do, but it is my responsibility to do everything I can to proctect them. You would not beleive how many people go about their business when there is a huge tornado on the ground not far from them that they could actually see if they would look up. We see it on the news – the livecam they call it. So many people just driving around, oh, looky there's a tornado! But it wont' affect me, nope. And all the people who say they had no warning. Around here they talk about this for days ahead of time. And how much warning do you need when you live here March – May or November – January? Hmm.. constant lgihting (check.), constant low rumble (check check), sirens going off (check), things flying through the air, (check check).

  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago


    Man's sense of adventure trumps over family safety in this scenario or that how it reads.

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  2. HereIFindMyself 11 years ago

    These preparations probably are a part of my OCD.  But, they keep me busy and focused and might help protect my family. 


    As for it being Part One, I meant Season one, I guess.  We have two distinct tornado seasons  – spring (March,  April, May), and then fall (October – December).   But we've had plenty in January and February.  Not so much the rest of the year unless there's a hurricane. 


    Ugh, they're talking about signicant tornado parameters on tv.   Schools will be closing early for sure.   Ok, I have to chill out now.

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