So today is Thursday, and ballet starts up again for me since my teacher’s birth delivery. I’m a little anxious, because having a week off is a big deal to me. I did yoga both Tuesdays and went to the gym Saturday but still. I do hope I can see the baby, I love babies!

In my English class we’re reading Of Mice & Men, and it just makes me sad. I’ve read it before, so I know how the ending will play out, so when I’m reading the hopeful attitudes of George and Lennie, it just makes me tear up. Even in the first two chapters my eyes start watering. Has anyone else felt this awful, pitiful sadness towards a character or animal in a book/movie/etc? I’ve felt this lots of times, like this book I’m talking about and animal/nature documentaries. It’s always tragic to see a baby antelope being eaten or caught by a wolf. But as they say, “It’s the circle of life.”

I’m making this blog throughout my school day so some of the subjects may be random, but I will be trying to keep it all along the same lines. Right now I’m in my accelerated english class, I actually quite enjoy my accelerated english classes I’ve had and I enjoy this one this year too. We’re reading about 5 novels in one quarter of school (9 weeks), and there’s a lot of literary discussion which I enjoy. Although the only thing I don’t like about reading novels in my class is that I can’t read my own from home. I just don’t have the ability to read two books at once, kudos to those that can!

Okay, so now I’m in lunch hahaha. I eat my lunch in a computer lab alone so I can study for my classes, because I really want to get into hard colleges and I need to work for it to happen. Tonight I have a lot of homework. I have to finish my paper outline, I need to study for my vocabulary quiz tomorrow and I need to take notes for Of Mice & Men. I also need to study for a chemistry test tomorrow, finish my post highschool planning worksheet AND do my online class. Phew, that’s a lot. Oh well ^_^ I think I’m gonna study now with 15 min left of lunch

Hope everyone’s coping 🙂

– Ally


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