Hi everybody if you are reading this, I suffer anxiety, paranoia, OCD, depression, and anger. I’m new to this website and to see how it is, the reason why I join this website because I have these problems that won’t go away and it has been going on for years. Since in my mid teens I had anxiety and paranoia when I try to go outside by myself I felt nervous, awkward, and paranoid when people started to look at me when I was waiting for my bus to pick me up to go to school. I was bullied a lot in schools including on the school bus I hated those situations but I survived from bullying and I graduated from high school without a diploma and that’s what anger me. When I left high school I use to had a lot of friends from high school to talk to but not anymore… So I was alone without friends that I use to know, I tried looking for a girlfriend in my school years but I had no success because they had boyfriends, they had no attraction or interest of me, they denied me, and they had girlfriends as well. That’s what made me angry and depressed about without diploma, the friends I use to had, and tried looking for a woman of my dreams and had no success once so ever. So I’m home everyday depressed and angry of my OCD thoughts of what happened in my school years, decisions I made, and my future. Paranoid and anxiety about going outside by myself preventing me to do things because I be nervous and scared to go outside, but my mother would take me outside for companion, happiness, and comfort to get some fresh air and to see the world.

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  1. marinmom 6 years ago

    I’m sorry you are suffering and would suggest you find a specialized therapist in your town to speak with about your thoughts. It sounds like you would benefit from some sound advice and potentially medication. I hope you can get the help you need to feel better. You are alive and worthy of love if you can practice self love yourself! Make yourself a priority TODAY. Here’s a great website to search for therapists: psychology today .com

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