Bethany | 8/22/94 | Fluidflux (‘They/Them’ + ‘She/Her’ pronouns; but masculine ones don’t bother me at all) | (closeted) Asexual Lesbian/DemiHomoromantic | (Poly)Therian | Furry | Art + OC Hoarder | Canine Fanatic | Disabled | Autistic | Service Dog Handler | Dog Owner | Game Mod | Christian and (forever) Follower of Jesus | Advanced Literate Roleplayer | Writer | Bibliophile

Bibliophile: ‘a person who collects or has a great love of books.’


Rømmer sted
…You just can’t seem to get away…
Rømmer sted
Other places to find me
  • Toyhouse:
    WolfPlayGame: Destinations End #1017
  • FlightRising LoneCoydog
  • Discord: if we become friends or have talked some feel free to ask to add me here
  • More might come
    ~Hello, I’m Bethany, but you can call me Coydog, Coy or Wolf. I love making new friends and talking with people about shared interests, feel free to shoot me a message anytime.

    I live and struggle with high spectrum autism, ADHD, ADD, Neurofibromatosis type 1(NF 1), an extremely severe anxiety disorder, depression, arthritis, tachycardia, scoliosis, mobility/balance issues, vision problems, sensory disorder, and a few other disabilities and health issues.

    Because of my NF, tumor growth is quite normal for me and I’ll be living with chronic pain my entire life because of this.I’m completely blind in my right eye(and the eyelid is shut as a result of having multiple surgeries to remove different tumors behind the right eye) and have no peripheral vision at all in my left eye, along with poor vision in the left

    I have a wonderful, now retired, service dog named Bear, who helped me with things related to most of my disabilities and health issues. She also helps me with my blind side by walking on the right of me and basically acting as my right eye.

    As of March 3rd, I have a new puppy named Kaito, who will be trained to take over for Bear as my service dog. He will preform the same tasks, but he thankfully will also be able to be trained for mobility assistance

    I currently have four dogs
    – My retired service dog, Bear. She’s a smallish standard goldendoodle
    – My service dog in training, Kaito. He’s a giant schnoodle and will be around 90-100 pounds when he’s full grown.
    – An elderly Shih Tzu named Kirby
    – A young mutt named Jasper
    (Pictures will be provided soon)


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