Its been a while since I touched down. I see myself as a human migration, like a bird it just happens naturally when it is time. Like a cat when I need to touch your world I will.

Lately life has been like living in a gumball machine. The smallest details have the weight of the world. Everything is vivid but completely useless, childish, and probably not good for me.

There are forces of nature and then there is science to organize them. The way I am hemmoraging truth I am dressing it with someone elses’ passion. The Giver-accuracy in speech

American Dirt-Jeanine Cummings. Sobbing in my soul because kindness and violence are not opposites. One remedies the other and when properly administered it can eliminate it all together. DESTROY violence with kindness because you shouldn’t help what hurts you.

and lastly my MOFO Mooji. He makes life on K-Pax not so bad. Sleepless and Agitated I did him like this…

You are Pure Awareness

Remain as you are

Who can limit you ?

The Space of What is.

I am Silence itself.

So what up rooms. Peace and blessings to the world. I’m trapped in the house for the cost of a dollar and the fact that I don’t want to get (*suspiro). Pray if you do. Love if you can. Check on me so I don’t go viral!!


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