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This has been a good week.  I haven’t been depressed at all.  The med switches have been helpful.  I wound up going off the Seroquel.  I talked to my doc (the nice thing about also having my doc as a coworker ) about how I was reacting to it and he said to quit taking it.  The changes in the Luvox have been good.  I don’t feel as anxious or depressed. 

I’m very sensitive to how other people are around me.  If they’re being nice I feel great.  If they’re being critical or something like that, I get depressed very easily.  I know I shouldn’t let other people affect my emotions like that but it’s very hard to control.  I’ve been trying to remember what I’ve learned about CBT (both as a therapy client and as someone who is studying to become a therapist) and practice that.  It is helpful.

So we’re doing a secret Santa thing for the residential kids at work.  I know you’re not supposed to have favorites but it’s natural to click with some kids more than others.  Anyway I was thrilled to get one of my favorite kids to be secret Santa for.  The kids made wish lists and gave them to the therapists.  The therapists then randomly gave a list to each staff member who signed up to shop for a kid, along with $100 of unit money to shop with.  Anyway, I had a lot of fun shopping for my kid.  I got her some shoes she wanted, a nose ring, and a TON of makeup that she wanted.  The money went too fast, even though I tried to bargain shop.  They get to open their gifts Monday evening at the residential Christmas party, so I’m really excited for my kid to open her gifts.  At the party, they find out who shopped for them. 

I also worked two days in intake this week.  Wednesday was a slow day appointment wise.  Only a couple people showed up for their appointments.  There was bad weather the night before, so the roads were icy and slick.  I did go to ICU to see one patient that a doctor asked us to see.  I also went to the ER three different times to see emergency patients.  It was a slow morning but a busy afternoon/evening.

I also found out this week that I got A’s in both of my classes for the semester and got my hair highlighted blonde.  Oh yeah…and the Colts won in Thursday night football 🙂  They have a playoff spot 🙂  I’m not much of a sports fan but I’m a HUGE Colts fan so that definitely made me happy!

Anyway, I just realized it’s 2:15am!  Time has gone so fast since I got home from work earlier.  Good night!


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