well I figured I should tell everyone a little about myself. So you all know who I am & were I come from. I'm native American & white but look more white by most peoples judgements. I grew up poor, on family help agencies. Which I hated but it made me strong & who I am. my mom had me at a young age, she had me at 16. Which made it easy to understand her & her understand me, but also I had to help her be more growing up because she was a bit behind at times. I lost my dad at 13 (not the death but jail). he was in my life before then but didn't know how to be a real dad, his life was: work, drugs (behind my back but it changed him), eating, sleeping & t.v.. he wasn't around as a father. my mom got injured at work when I was 6 so I had to learn allot of things at an early age. my little sister never had all the joys I did with my mom before she got hurt. after my dad left I left like I had to take his place to raise my Lil' sis. during that time of my dad leaving I was going through a really tough time, I acted out & affected my mom's relationship with me. I was bad with my mom & sister. I grew allot from that & am trying to learn to be a better person & finally after my 15 year old Lil' sister had her first child, she grew allot & now we get along after about 8 years (I went through a bad teenage years & then it was her turn, lol). OK I lost my aunt to an Oxycontin over dose ( she died in her sleep) & my grandma to a lung disease ( she was on oxygen & told she'd die in 6 months but lived a little longer, she wanted to die at home so she did & the closest family members stayed with her till she passed away, & yeah I watched her die, one of the most painful things I had to do as in my family we are raised to be close to our family). Now I'm happily engaged to the best man in the world ( he understands my rough history which is really great, but I have problems with him at times though, nobodies perfect). OK I'm not sure if that's all I have to tell you, but if there's more I can think of I'll add it to this or put it somewhere on my profile. if there's anyone who might know where I'm coming from or wants to ask anything, go right ahead & ask or say.


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