44 asked me “tell us about him” so I will! He's just turned 25, which makes him 11 months younger than me. He is also slightly shorter than me, maybe by an inch or two. He is very funny! He's crazy like me. Infact our personalitys are quite simular. He'll be sitting on the seat and suddenly break out in song, or say something completly random. Sounds very familular! He has a 2 1/2 year old son.He's gorgeous. His ex the mum is a total bitch and has made seeing him a nightmare. Anyway he now sees him 3 days a week. I've met him we get on amazingly well. He looks after me. Always cooking me tea, asking if I'm ok, getting me a drink of milo or coffee. If I get up to get something he'll jump up and go “let me do it bub!”. He's a great cook!He is anal about cleaning. I guess this is the one big difference between me and him. He likes things in a certain way!He's renting his own place, which I've been staying at 99.9% of the time for the last 2 weeks. He loves everything Elvis. He does impersonations for money. The whole house is full of Elvis memrobilia, pictures etc. he has 2 Elvis jumpsuits. He has introduced me to more Elvis than I ever knew, and I have a new found love of Elvis' music. He has a dog, named Boof. His family are really nice. I've met a couple of his aunts/uncles and his dad. We go to his dads every second day or so. We have a good laugh. My mum and sister think he's great. He says he loves me and calls me sexy every day. He has eye issues, his pupils dont dilate. Wierd I know. It runs in his family. His dad and his son both have it too. We say forever. Just over our one month annaversary. :-)He says he misses me when I've been gone to class or whatever. Hes a great kisser and lover. He's my friend.He's been through depression and is very understanding of my past. He is so positive now.He makes me so happy I can't imagine life without him now. I would like to marry him one day and have his children. We are looking to move in together in a month or two “officially”. Mind you I'm pretty much living here now.


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