This weekend I went home again and it was great.  Not only did I not have any panic attacks, but I was able to go out and be social and didn't have to worry about things! It was great!

 I got there on Friday night and just kinda hung out with dad then slept.  Saturday dad and I went out to lunch then watched a matinee showing of Hairspray which we both enjoyed.  We did a little shopping, then headed home where we played cards, watched Office Space, and talked.  He wrote down his rules for relationships which I will post later which are brilliant. 

 Sunday I went to church and after went to dad's best friends house and we prepared lunch.  After that I went to Findlay and went shopping with my friend Rikki which I hadn't talked to in about a year!  Then Rikki and I went to George House, my favorite coffee spot, and talked for hours.  She had to leave, but soon after she left my friend from high school Shane dropped by and we talked for awhile.  We called Amanda, my best friend who I couldn't get ahold of all weekend, and got her to come into town and hang out with us.  We all ended up talking and laughing outside of the coffee house till about 4am.  We actually would have kept talking but both Amanda and Shane had to work that next morning! lol

Yesterday was my lazy day.  Dad and I did go out to lunch about 3pm and we took a walk then sat on the deck and talked for awhile.  I drove home last night, and after finishing my conversation with Tyler talked to my ex. I hope things will calm down now with him, I'm kinda tired of all the crap.

On a side note, heres whats going on relationship wise. Things are very much over with my ex K but I hope someday we can mend things and be friends.  I have friend Tyler (friend T) and friend Joel (friend J) that I both like but both live out of state. Friend J is the really good looking guy from Vegas. I'm not sure if I really like him or I just like the idea of him.  I'm hesitant because we don't have alot in common, and although I know I'd have the security with him (I know he wants to marry me and have kids, etc)  I'm just not sure if thats what I want atm.  Friend T I've never met in real life (I met him through an online game about a year ago) but he is an amazing person and I would like to meet him.  I'm hesitant because Friend T lives in Oklahoma and I've never met him, and he's young (21) so I'm afraid he hasn't gone thru that growing up transition that I myself have just gone thru.  But I would like to meet him I'm just scared.

I'm sure there are other guys I can date around here too I'm just afraid of making myself available again.

Thats my huge post for now. Thanks all! 


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