Considering the level of awareness and self consciousness about the various impediments that has always stood as a stumbling block in bring happiness to the lifes of all and sundry on this site,its high time we have a heart to heart talk about a possible solution out of it.

  I know it is not easy to overcome a problem that has been viewd by many as impossible or the i am going to live with it all my life,but i want to boldly tell you my friends and cheerished one that every problem that is identifiable has an identifiable solution and the solution will simply start from the genesis of the problem because every problem on the surface of this earth has a beginning and an end.

  I want us to sit back ,relax and take a deep breath because before you go about on the journey of reading this blog you must have garnered the confidence of telling yourself that i want a total overhauling and breakthrough of my problem and today will be the last it will ever take root in my beautiful life.

  You see my friends ,you are not different from the confident people and celebrated personality out there because what they have is just one head and you also possess that same brilliant and intelligent one head  but our problem emanated from the gradual negative thought that we have never assumed it will further undermine us till this state.

  Again, its high time you put a stop to that drifting thought because thats your problem and nothing more .no external forces or persons is responsible for your problem but the things you visualize and think about is responsible for the weakening,debilitating energy and the procastination that has already built mountains in your humble life.

  Moreso its time we tend to take the first step of inviting the magicwand that brings pleasure,happiness,fun,and a long lasting and sustainable peace to that your serene heart is here and imbeded in your heart.

  Firstly, i want you to know that my writing this blog goes along way in understanding the various problem that is inherent in our daily life.some of us is suffering from heart break,broken relationship,lovelorn,disease,medical impairment and alot of other related sickness that are unworthy to mention but i want to state one word and it is since this sickness has not killed you till this stage why not find pleasure and fun in living your life to the fullest because who knows it might just be the answer to that long lasting happiness that you are looking for in your charming life.

  You can beat that inferior complex and shyness in your life by starting  the journey of a hundred mile by a step and that step is to start from the ambience of your home .appreciate something in your body and always commend yourself for having such a beautiful legs ,the golden eye,charming lips,elegant looks and that sexy body that was carefully crafted by the creator to bring happiness to you and not sadness.

   Tell me that prince charming and that your chubby husband that will not love you if you love your self first by always saying good things about yourself.stop the i am too fat and skinny criticism because it is not doing you any good instead see it as a challenge that must be overcome in all means and surely if you have a strong conviction it will be a thing of the past in your life.

  Our major problem is ourself ,complain less and commend more and until we continue to control our mindset,it will always make a mockery out of us because it will not make us enjoy the sweetness and pleasure that were set aside for us to enjoy and not the sit at home syndrome that we have turned our self to be .

  In this junction i bow to the pleasure of bringing out somethnig more captivating because we are all captivating indidviduals whose latent strength and dexterity is still been awaited to be unleashed to the teaming populace for accolades and accomplishment.

  Want to use this means to say a happy and prosperous life and a devoted home to the married and responsible career ladies on this marvelous place.

  The weekend is wonderful for you all.


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