So a whole tor crawl in today would be great.  The morning has had an absolutely LOVELY start.

This morning I encountered one of the stimulus that usually strikes my soul when I encounter it, but it had been on the back burner for a while.

I am currently in the process of moving into a new apartment near my place of work.  This morning I was putting stuff in my car to bring in their (45 min drive).

So as I was going out through the front door I stuck my hand in something on the door and I said to my self "no Jessica, it's alright, probably just some ice or something", so I didn't look and continued on.  I put my new leather purse and a bag of stuff in my car, moved around a few things including my laptop case, and headed back for the house.  That's when I saw that what I had stuck my hand in was bird poop.  Why.  god.  why.

I tried to help myself that morning by resisting, but it only screwed me over in the end and caused more damage.

So I cleaned my purse and stuff off with some disinfectant wipes.  No way close to what I would normally consider satisfactory.

It just made me so angry that I practically did this to my self this morning.  I could kick myself a thousand times.

So then I went on the internet, trying to ease my fears but of course all that you can find on the internet about touching bird poop is friggen h5n1 (avian flu) and how bird poop "carries so many diseases, parasites, etc."  Fml.

I wish I could just find some information that is like "hey, nah accidentally touching some bird shi* inbelow zero weather that is dried up isin't going to hurt ya".  fml.  fml.   fml.  I 'know' it's not going to hurt me/shouldn't hurt me, but can I have some definite answer from a professional please.  fml.

Then to top the morning off, I nearly rear ended a novice driver.

What a lovely morning.

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  1. jessiebean 14 years ago

    Yeah I'm relaxed a bit more now.  I got to wash my hands after, but my fears came from the fact that I went on and put all my stuff in my car and what not, THEN realized what it was I had touched before I put all my stuff in the car.


    Thankfullly time usually helps calm the anxiety after a while.

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