Good news! I finally have something happy to talk about. It's good news to people who read my blogs, as well, so they don't have to read some whiney teenage crap! But.. okay. As it says on my profile, I am a lesbian. And I'm 14 years old, soon to be 15. I know I'm too young to know, but there's this girl I REALLY like. And I think she likes me too. I know she's a lesbian, and she kept saying how she loved talking to me and that she hopes she can talk to me again soon. And she said stuff about cuddling and watching movies together.

😀 But I can't even explain it. Only problem is, she's thousands of miles away. We've video chatted and we talk to eachother on yahoo, and she kept calling me pretty. And she is gorgeous! <3 I'm trying to get all my thoughts into words. It just feels like everytime I talk to her, my heart starts beating really fast because I want so much to show her how much I like her. I've called her beautiful, and we said we loved each other when we first started talking (we meant it as a joke because we both love the movie Sweeney Todd.) I just can't wait until I get to talk to her again. Even when I'm depressed to the point where I'm thinking suicide, she messeges me and I automatically feel so much better.

I don't know. I'm only 14, too young to know. But I can't even describe the feeling. It probably seems stupid, since she's so far away. But whenever we talk I get this feeling I've never gotten before! It's like I don't want her to be sad, I only want her to be happy and if she is sad I'll do anything to cheer her up! I know, it's probably just a stupid little crush. But even if it is, I absolutely love the way it feels!


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