I had a hard time waking up this morning. Because of our little nighttime adventure we didnt even get home for dinner until 9pm so we didnt get the kids to bed until 11pm. I think my husband and I finally got to bed around midnight.

When I woke up I found that I had two texts from the two friends that have decided its too hard to support me atm but still want me to help them. I waited until after I had fed the kids oatmeal, made coffee for my husband, gave my son and husband cold meds (they are both sick this morning) and was all settled. I am so sad that they are acting this way. I just cant give a whole lot right now. All I really want from them is to call me once in a while and ask how I am. Or listen to me vent a little. Or even just care a little. I have found that isnt to be though so I am not going to keep on chasing them, nor am I going to be able to keep helping them right now. I have a bit on my own plate right now lol.

Today my husband has another interview. The first job did get back to him yesterday saying that they didnt want him. I know he will get a job. It will just take a while I fear.

When we moved here we signed up for this email loop thing for local homeschoolers. On there there is another lady who just moved here. She has two kids the same ages as my older two. We are going to meet at the gas station down the street this afternoon and she is going to lead me to a park she has found. I would so much rather stay home but the kids really need to play with other kids. This has all been so very hard on them so I am dragging myself out of the house for this. The plus side is that we will finally know where a park is nearby!

Maybe the sunshine and fresh air will be good for all of us. My husband is going to stay home and work on some things. I hope that having some alone time is good for him too.

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my blogs and supporting me. Its been a lifesaver for me!

  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    My phone number is available if you wish me to call you. I call lots of people on DT. We have lovely chats.

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  2. borntired 10 years ago

    so how did the park day go

    i know i have been dragging myself out of the house to take my kids to homeschool bowling and homeschool pe, i do it for the same reasons you do

    also since i started going to this new group i have met a couple of other people who i could encourage to recharge every once in a while (get away all by yourself) so that they don't end up like me having no recharged my battery in 25 years and it being totally broken like your alternator and another lady who had breast cancer and is just coming out of a deep depression and she is homeschooling her kids the same way i am….barely, what a great support when i didn't expect it

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