I don’t really know how to start this , I’m a 15 year old girl who thinks theres nothing left to life. I’m so thankful I have friends and family to support me by giving me advice and always being there for me but I just thought id join this group because itll be nice to talk to people whos going through the same things as me..

ive had depression pretty much since i was 14 , it started from my nan dying from copd and cancer … shortly after my nan passed , i would cry at night and stopped eating as much as i would’ve when she was alive , i lost all apetite and that’s when i started loosing a lot of weight , my mum got worried and started to make sure i was eating. things got on track .. and that’s when i started getting hate from a girl who lives on my street. she said sent me threatening messages one night and i got very scared and plucked up the courage to talk to my mum about it … my mum then rang the police as threatening behaviour and stuff like that … the police then got involved and the girl found out and things got more serious .. she got her boyfriend involved and things escalated . every night i would cry myself to sleep until one day my mum came in my room and said shes been listening to me everynight … i told her i didnt want to live anymore … she contacted my school the morning after. she now knows im suicidal and so does the school , i just want someone who understands what im going through to message me , if anyone wants to message me feel free , i like giving advice and i like recieving it aswell  🙂 x

  1. rwjm1111 4 years ago

    Hello, suicide is never an answer. You are only 15 and have a long life to live. You have done the right things by telling your mom and by having the school and police know. Stay positive. Things will get better.

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  2. chelsea2526 4 years ago

    I just joined this thing and I don’t quite know how it works but hopefully you see my response. I’m a 15 year old girl too and I know how you feel. I generally have a pretty good life but I feel like there is no point in living and I cannot handle even small challenges let alone big ones as you have been through. People say suicide isn’t the answer but then they don’t give you the answer and it’s frustrating. Life is frustrating and pain is inevitable sadly.

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