See 3(2007) year ago I got to meet my 11 year old niece named Mollie now she is 14 year old.
See I never had much of relationship with my real family due to alot of abuse by them
in my life ,I was abused in everyway a child should of never been abuse and put
away in a group home.But I thought I could try to mend broken fences so I found some of
my family and they had my niece Mollie so I started talking to them on christmas of that
years and they said they wanted to visit so I thought nothing of it.So they came over
to visit I thought but nope they came to drop off something and that was Mollie they
told me this be the last time I saw them and I have no choice in taking Mollie coming to
live with me and they did not want Mollie anymore,they told me all she was problems for them
and they could not handle her ,and told me I was never good enough for anything in life so why don't
take Mollie and go to hell.So of course I took Mollie in and took her fucking real parent to court
and they wanted to play freaking game with her one minute they wanted her back and loved her so much
and the next she was to much to handle ,So the judge said that Mollie was not a rag doll or something
you can turn on or off.So the judge told them that they could not have custody of her,and then the judge
turned to me and said you must really love this child and know she a child and not something you want to
use as a rag doll just because she has problems and I know you will give her unconditional love to her
so I grant you custody of Mollie.So after that Mollie became my daughter.So Mollie came to live with us
and began to have some behavior problems in school and at home ,so I tryed to contact her real parent hoping
they would give me her medical and school records,but nope they changed there number and moved  so where no one
 could find them…So I had to hire someone to find any information on Mollie back round of her past.Then Mollie
started to have really bad seziure,So I took her to a doctor to see what was wrong with Mollie and hired people
into my house to help me with Mollie behavior problems,So everyone was trying to help me find out what
was wrong with Mollie,But see behold I never knew Mollie was also abused in everyway into july 20,2010 when
Mollie snaped and had a breakdown and started to beat me and beged me to beat her and I told I could not do that
that I love her to much to ever hit her or abuse her so because I would not hit her or beat her she snaped
and started to beat me really bad to where I almost die that day,So I had no choice to put Mollie into
psychiatric hospital to get her help,Also get my self better from the attack ,after that I went to the hospital
where Mollie was at to try to help in anyway I could to bring my daughter back home. Allso to tell Mollie I was okay
and I love her and I gonna be here no matter what cause your my daughter now and I have nothing but love for you
she thought I would turn my back like others have but not gonna happen no matter what ,sO the doctor at the
 psychiatric hospital said we are gonna have run all kind of test on Mollie to see what was going on with her,
So I sign all the paper I need to so they could do all these test on her,they did blood work,EEG,EKG,MRI and so
many more in the meanwhile Mollie kept getting more impulsive with the violence and the seziure where getting really
bad,So with all the help of the doctors and people I have hired to help us stay a family and make Mollie better
they found out that Mollie had something from her past with the abuse was she had trauma to her brain, which mean Mollie
has brain damage to her brain and that causing the impulsive violence and the seziure and that Mollie will never be
normal as my other children I told them ok I will learn anything it takes for Mollie to return home to our
loving family,but they said it might be a safety risk to us because of her impulsive violence and brain damage
and seziures,that Mollie is already staring to have memory loss that they want to think of us to put Mollie into a
institution for children with such bad brain damage ,we will be able to visit her but she will have days where she
dose not even know where there ,plus they will have to keep her druged up so she will not hurt her self or anyone
eles becaue she so impulsive with hurting people,one minute she ok and next she beating on you…so there worried
about her safety and my other children in the home since there so young.So by her freaking real fucking parent
hands she been so abused in life that they caused trauma to her brain to have brain damage for the rest of her life
and now because she will never be normal and always be impulsive with violence and unsafe to live in our home or any
place eles they want me to think of putting her into a institution .And  how do I put my daughter into a institution
when all I wanna do is hold her my arms and tell her I love her and I gonna take her home no matter what the safety risk
are…but I know I have to do what right for her self and I could never live with my self if she hurt her self
and it so bad that she dies.I could never live knowing she need more then I can give her ,all I can be there there no
matter what and give her my unconditional love and hope there someone out there that come up with a mircle
that can stop or fix her brain damage but right now there nothing but my love and there saying this institution  might
be the best for Mollie.How do I do this??? it crushing my heart…my feel my self so angry that I wanna go hurt
her fucking real parents  so bad for doing this to her … why do this to any child?????????? I was lucker then
Mollie I did not end up with brain damage  like her but we wear the same shoe when it comes to all the abuse
a child should never go though so all this is effecting me and bring up my own stuff that I went though and cause me to
to be on the edge of slipping back down a raod of darkness of my own,I just wanna die ,,,I hate them my little girl
will never be normal and I am gonna have to the hardest thing I have ever done beside surivor my family abuse 
and then living in abuse with men until one day I was raped really bad and ended up pregnant from the rape.but
that another story to come…so how do I do this now???????????I love you Mollie always and forever and do not know
what to do ?? Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. kellyjohnson1970 12 years ago

    Let me start off by saying God Bless You and Mollie! My heart goes out to you and Mollie and I cant even begin to imagine the pain that the two of you have suffered and continue to suffer. The one's that did this to you and Mollie are just monsters and they will pay for what they have done to yall one day. I dont even know how to tell you to start to figure out how to decide to put your daughter into an institution except that you know in your heart that you have to protect yourself and the rest of your family from her beating you up again and you possibly not surviving it the next time. Maybe if its a good institution they can really help her in time and maybe she can come home with you to visit from time to time and see how it goes. At least you will know that Mollie will be safe in an institution and you will be too. I know Mollie doesnt mean to hurt you and beat you up so badly and its not her fault. Think about this, what would happen to Mollie if she did beat you up again so badly that you didnt survive it. Who would be there for Mollie? Who would go and see her and love her if your not there?

    My heart goes out to you and your daughter and you will make the right decision for everyone concerned. If you need to talk Im here for you and I hope nothing that I said has offended you and if it did Im very sorry. I will be thinking about you and your daughter and praying for you.

    Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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