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Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here is another rant by my little old self on the Right Wing “conservatives” in the Republican/Tea Party. I have been listening to their rhetoric and their constant attacks on anything with President Obama or anything Democrat/liberal/progressive; and I tell you it is beyond old. Some of these people are just pissed off a person of color is in the White House and not some good old white boy. Others are pissed off that a Democrats is in the White House and trying to bring this country back to where it was before the Bush/Cheney administration. Then you have those in the corporate sector who are trying to seed the feelings of anger, but they don’t want you to know it is them in the shadows and behind the scenes pulling all of the strings of those who are gullible to being led around like a herd of sheep. There are those who are working for Fox “News” who are doing all they can to whip up a frenzy on anything they can to forward the extreme right wing agenda. I put the news in quotation marks because I do not feel they are a true news organization. All they do is parrot what is put before them and do not think for themselves in any way, shape or form at that places. And their saying of “Fair and Balanced” is nothing more than a joke as far as I am concerned. Then you have the people like the Glenn Beck’s, Rush Limbaugh’s Bill O’Reilly’s and people like that who are putting out more and more hate and fear filled rhetoric and not considering the consequences of what they are saying. Then if something does happen, that can be attributed to what they have been putting out, they say that they are blameless in any and all such actions taken by others. This, IMO, is total bullshit and they are completely culpable for their actions and what they say. Even if they do not take responsibility, which I never see happening ever, they are just as culpable as the person who takes whatever action whether it be harming person or property. I have been hearing about “Taking back America” and everything like that from the extreme right. Where are they going to be taking it back to?? Are they going to be taking it back to a time when women didn’t have a vote or when we had Jim Crow laws on the books, or are they going to go further back than that?? What is their vision of America?? Is it an all white Anglo-Saxon male dominated country or a country that is diverse and welcomes all people of all nationalities and faiths?? I can understand some of their anger, but on the other hand I cannot fathom their motives and I cannot fathom their lack of thinking for themselves. They are nothing more, right now, than a huge herd of sheep that are being led around by a few who do all of the thinking for them. I don’t want someone to do my thinking for me cause that is just insane, but yet these people gladly do that and in the thousands. I wonder what would happen if all at once these people actually woke up and smelled the coffee. Would they think the same if they had the actual facts in front of them?? Or would they still not believe and follow those who spew out all of their hate and fear filled rhetoric?? One can hope they would see the light, but I think they would still be sheep.


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