So… I lost my job which I’m sorta upset about… yet not really. I’m glad to be gone from that place yet now I’m trying to find permanent work in a time of Seasonal hiring.  Add to that Covid, upcoming holidays and just general bull crap in today’s society and it’s just been rough.

As much as I try to “be positive”, I find myself with thoughts of suicide.  I go through the entire process of exactly how, where, if I’ll leave a note, and what would that note say.  Needless to say.. I always talk my way out of it as it would take more effort to do it than it would be to just live.

I’ve seen TV shows where there is this Dark Web of sites that promote it and that really scares me.  I ask myself… who would put a site like that and why?

I tell myself…just get through today… we’ll see what tomorrow holds.  I remind myself that when I plan certain days and they DON’T go the way I planned, that’s when I remind myself that I don’t really know what’s in store for tomorrow… things could get better.  So far, while bumpy, the road seems to get better.  Sure I hit the occasional pot hole but I seem to make it through so I venture onto tomorrow.

Hope this helps some of you.  Feel free to holler at me.


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