“Confront her.” He says, like it’s just that easy. He clearly doesn’t understand despite how often I try to explain the dynamics of my relationship with that woman. By woman I of course me my monster-in-law. My ex husbands mother has hated me from day one. No word of a lie she took one look at me said these exact words “Oh my god she’s white!” loud enough for me to hear and then didn’t say so much as two more words to me for the next four years until after her son announced our engagement, at which point I believe she decided to speak to me because she realized I wasn’t going away. But even then she was barely civil. You could always feel the strained tense air between us right up until the day I left her son. Her sweet precious son who could do no wrong, everything in the world is always the fault of what ever woman he happens to be with at the time in her eyes. His dead beat ex of mine is behind almost $10,000.00 in child support not to mention the $8,000.00 he stole from the government in my name the past year that I am being forced to pay back and forced to sue him for. Mean while he has money hand over fist and wont pay me a nickel of what he owes. My BF here thinks I should confront his mother and tell her that her son is taking food out of the mouths of her grandchildren and risking the roof over their head by not living up to his financial obligations and maybe she could persuade him into acting like a responsible father. I agree with him on that but he does not understand that I can not talk to this woman, I can’t reason with her. She is an intelligent and rational woman with everyone but me. When I called her son out on the fraud he committed and refused to allow him to continue she literally almost attacked me. She was screaming and ranting like a mad woman and advancing on me, had it not been for my BF stepping in between us I’m sure there would have been a brawl. When his latest GF left him and took the new baby she told her off saying she was just like me and no better then me and how terrible I was to have taken his kids from him(even though the only reason he does not see them is because he chooses not too, we live twenty minutes away and there is a court order that allows him to see them every single weekend all he has to do is pick them up. He just doesn’t, but somehow that’s my fault too) So yeah her leaving him and taking the baby somehow became an issue about me and I had nothing to do with it I’ve never spoken to the woman. So as I tried to explain to my BF I am positive that if I dared try to imply even in the most polite way that her sweet son was a dead beat and not taking care of his financial obligations to his children and they were suffering for it she would not respond like the concerned grandmother that my BF anticipates. Instead I predict she will blow up and start ranting about how dare I expect money from her son when he doesn’t get to see them (Again not my fault) and after I left him so callously (By the way I left him and gave him everything all the furniture, all the assets, left his pension alone, didn’t ask for alimony, only asked him to pay child support and insisted he see the kids every weekend seriously who could ask for a better deal, but really he turned it down can you believe that, any way…) but yes I see it turning in to be being a first rate B%#th for even expecting him to pay the court ordered amount and him once again her poor baby and the whole worlds against. Unfortunately I spend the whole night fighting with my BF about how I don’t even want to go there because I know how it will turn out and I don’t want the headache, and my BF arguing back that I’m wrong and that she might not like me but that she has over the last year come to see how her son has messed things up and her blinders are off and that he thinks she will do what is best for her grandkids and get on her son’s case if I say something about the issue. I argued that might be true if it was with anyone else but me, but that it is a lost cause for me to talk to her on any rational level. The woman despises me and will never ever side with me. He says its all in my head. That years of that family running over me has made me prejudice when it comes to them. Personally I say it makes me an expert on their character. So now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either I start yet another stressful agonizing war between me and my ex’s family in which case I wont see my money anyways. Or I continue to bicker and fight in my home with my BF over the fact that My ex isn’t paying and we can’t make ends meet, my home life becomes stressful and I still don’t get my money. Either way I’m broke and stressed. What to do?


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